Big Chef Mini Chef

In 2018 TV MasterChef finals contestant Matei Baran appointed Beatnik for the concept and design of Big Chef, Mini Chef; a book encouraging young children and parents to get excited about cooking healthy food together.

Big Chef, Mini Chef was an incredibly personal project to Matei whose son Armin was born with cystic fibrosis. Armin has suffered from this life-limiting illness from birth and has undergone operations, daily medication, physiotherapy but physical activity and a healthy diet means that he is now a happy, healthy six-year-old.

The Book

“It’s all about cooking for kids with kids,” said Matei. Big Chef Mini Chef features recipes prepared by Matei and Armin with the help of other mini chefs and has already received national media coverage.

Our approach

This was more than a book to Matei and Armin so we wanted to create a design that appealed to children and parents while also incorporating their journey and incredible relationship. We needed to create a brand and identity for the book which could be used multi-channel on everything from an eye-catching front cover to a digital assets.

We worked closely with Matei to create a modern, colorful illustration for the cover which would in turn becomes the book’s identity.

Big Chef Mini Chef can be purchased from www.mateibaran.com