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360 Group Branding and Website

360 Group are 3D Surveying, Drone & Photogrametry specialists. The project for the client was to create a group identity and website. The three businesses under group are 360 Mapping, 360 Reality In and 360 Site Engineering.

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Islestone Pharmaceuticals

Web Design for Islestone Pharmaceuticals is a well-established MHRA and Home Office approved UK based registered pharmaceutical wholesaler. They are licensed to supply, store and distribute all types of medical products -Branded, Generic and Unlicensed. They specialise in fulfilling demand for niche hard to source pharmaceuticals.

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Headway Arts

The award winning cultural hub, Headway Arts provide high quality experiences for arts participation that everyone can enjoy. Based in the heart of Northumberland, Headway Arts approached to Beatnik Studio requiring a new Identity, a new brand image that depicts their artistic origin, their community status and humanitarian philosophy.

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